Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Ode to Socks

I love socks.  Bright, colorful, short or tall.  So today, I will dedicate this entry to awesome outfits with socks!  My boyfriend hates it because it reminds him of lazy frat boys in college who go to class in basketball shorts and socks with their sandals.  Well, F-that, I love this look!

This is from the Dior Spring 2010 collection...

This year, J.Crew did a nice job incorporating socks to their Spring 2011 collection.  Here's the look book of all the outfits that incorporate socks...

Just remember to not look like this when you wear socks with your look.


  1. yes i will grudgingly accept that it looks good on women. but when menswear starts turning to frat boys for inspirations, i'm burning all my clothes.


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