Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inspirations of the Day

Things are just so depressing and gloomy in the news lately and I can definitely vouch for all the hardships that are going on in this country of mine.  There's only a handful of things that really make me happy, and one of them is definitely fashion.  I'm sure MANY people feel the same as me.  So today I thought I'd bring you my top inspirations this week :-) 

Natalie C.

The Golden Diamonds
When I saw this picture I completely forgot that my sleeveless trench is also great trench dress.  I'll be wearing that trench dress to work most likely Friday.

Late Afternoon
I absolutely love stripes, and better yet, colorful stripes in the summertime.  So when I saw this, I immidiately fell in love with the entire outfit.

Mellow Mayoness
I usually wear light, pastel colors, because of how whimsical and elegant it makes an outfit look.  Especially if it includes a chiffon dress.  I saw this, and it pretty much epidamised everything I love about whimsical outfits.

Chloe et sa boite a conserves
I found her blog not too long ago and I've been hooked on her blog ever since.  I literally haven't found a single outfit I DIDN'T like from her blog, so it was especially difficult to find my favorite for the week.  But this one trully stood out.  The scarf was the icing on the cake. 

The Style Voyager
This outfit really reminds me of my amazing Club Monaco silk chiffon pleated skirt.  I Love that skirt to death and I can never stop twirling it around and seeing the wind blow on it.  It's so much fun!  It looks like she likes to do that too :-)


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