Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Culebra Island, Day 1

I went to Culebra Island in Puerto Rico for a long weekend with my boyfriend and it was amazing! Crystal clear waters, white powdery sand, and gorgeous sun all day long. This island is pretty much unspoiled, small boutique hotels, no resorts, and it's extremely troublesome to get there.  But once you make it there, it's totally worth it. An unsuccessful ferry ride and 20 minute charter plane ride later, you're in paradise. This vacation was a "no shoes allowed except flip flops" kind of vacation. These pictures are at Zoni Beach.

Purple Nail Polish - Rescue Beauty Lounge
Yellow Nail Polish - Chanel
Chambray Top - J.Crew
Maxi Skirt - TopShop
Bracelets and Rings - Random markets from different countries
Sunnies - Versace

Enjoy the sand between your toes this summer! :-)

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