Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Work Day

Isn't it wonderful when one article of clothing just makes you feel fantastic?! This skirt from Club Monaco always does it for me. It finally cooled down in NYC on Monday with some rain and heavy clouds, and while I probably would be a bit bummed because the weather isn't as sunny as I would like it to be, this skirt just makes me smile :-).  Look at it! It's bright, it's cheery, it's flowy, how can you NOT be happy wearing it?! My feet were wet, my purse was wet, my hair was frizzing, but I must have been the happiest girl just strolling along Midtown heading back home from work. Yeah, it's that kind of skirt.

Skirt - Club Monaco
Chambray Shirt - J.Crew
Frog Earrings - Dominican Republic
Shoes - Nine West


  1. Thats some zoo you're at, with an owl in the background and frogs on your ears.

  2. but nice colour combination. love the pale yellow on faded denim :)


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