Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gypsy Queen

I'm absolutely certain that every girl has woken up in the morning and said..."how can I look amazing, be comfortable, and wear something appropriate enough for Wall St. (or something close to it)?"

Yesterday was just such a day.  I hate wearing boring outfits to work, but sometimes you have to give way, especially if you work on Wall St.  There always has to be some item that I'm wearing that gives it the "it" factor, and my Emilio Pucci scarf was just that on this outfit.  The scarf is made of 100% silk, and it's pretty big, at 34" x 34" inches.

Stay classy amigos! :-)

Scarf - Emilio Pucci
V Neck Shirt - The Gap
Skinny Jeans - Bullhead
Slingback Heels - Nine West
Belt - American Apparel
Watch - Michael Kors


  1. i would love to eat some paper and stare at that scarf all day long...

  2. Really great for work! I'm still a student, but some occasions just ask for these kind of clothes.. and I

    really dont mind that :)

    Work Wear Australia


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