Monday, June 6, 2011

Back Home!

"I'm in America!!!"  lol.  I'm back home in NYC from my vacation in Singapore.  Surprisingly enough, when I came home, the weather is gorgeous here!  Super Sunny, not windy, and at just the perfect temperature.

While I was in Singapore, I got a sleeveless trench from the store MDS, which is what I'm wearing in these photos.  I also got the Yves Saint Laurent Artsy ring from the YSL flagship store, because with the exchange rate, it actually came out to cheaper, SO HELL YEA!  lol





Silk Blouse - J. Crew
Sleeveless Trench - Fashion Lab (Singapore)
Jeans - Bullhead
Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell
Ring - YSL 
Nail Polish - Chanel Nail Polish in Mimosa
Clutch - Matt & Nat

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