Monday, June 13, 2011

Runway Review: Spring 2011 RTW Christopher Kane

Today's "Runway Review" is for Christopher Kane, Spring 2011 RTW.

This collection was spectacular! There were bright fluorescent colors, bold patterns, surprisingly simple clothing designs, and very bold statement shoes.

The most obvious theme in this collection were neon colors.  Every outfit had bright fluorescent colors, whether it was subtle neon lines, or an entire fluorescent outfit, and I loved it. The only one I didn't find attractive at all were the outfits from the very beginning.  Something about the neon outfits with the lace just did NOT work. It looked unflattering and jarring, but then in the later outfits, the neon lace was tasteful anf feminine.

If you notice the actual style and form of the outfit itself, it's really very simple. Simple skirts, simple jackets, and simple dresses, which makes it great because so many women with different body shapes can wear it. It was the actual fabrics and colors that made a classic outfit form, pop. Genius!

The shoes. Yes. I really didn't like the majority of the shoes. I'm just not that into the flatform shoes, plus they were bright and bold, so it didn't make it practical at all to wear with other outfits. Some looked like high beach sandals and others looked awkward with a classic form outfit.  The pictures I chose as my top 5 were also the few favorites of mine.

Slideshow of all the outfits

My Top 5 Outfits
I love this look for it's wearability on any woman. Any shape or size can wear this dress, plus the lace makes it more feminine and the bright color makes it fun and eye catching.

The graphics on this dress, plus the dash of neon color and the actual form of this dress make it so eye catching. It's very wearable and feminine, but not at all boring or simple in terms of color. I also wouldn't expect neon and floral graphics to work, but this collection makes it work, and this dress atests to that.

This look is QUITE sheer, so it doesn't make it so practical, but it's gorgeous! The sheer fabric makes it feminine, which I love. The graphics are also very psychadelic and fun.

This dress is one of those classic, "never be out of style" dresses in terms of form, but nothing about it is boring. Just past-the-knee skirt length, high neck line and quarter length sleeves make it classic, but the color and the lace make it fun and flirty. I also love how they used the bright skinny belt.

You'd have to consider the kind of lighting you're in for this outfit, but who cares, just look at it! Its a work suit, made of bright neon lace, awesome! I am all about practicality with flare, and this definitely did it for me.


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