Thursday, June 30, 2011

Punks Unite!

Many people who didn't know me in high school, really wouldn't suspect that I LOVE the punk scene, because I'm really girly and feminine at times.  But I really do!  I used to listen to The Clash, The Exploited, I even managed to get a CD from the British punk band 999 when I went to London during high school.  Yes, in high school, I was a rocker chick who hung out with all the punks, skaters, and hippies.  So when I noticed that the punk look was back on the runway, I was excited because it sort of feels nostalgic of my high school days. 

To me, the punk "look" was always about showing roughness through unstructured, dark, dirty looking, skin tight clothes.  Combat boots are ALWAYS a must for a punk look, in MY eyes.  Oh, and of course a ton of pyramid studs, anywhere you can put them.  I'm sure real punks, like many people I used to know, are probably snarling at me, but whatever, why should any of them care!  haha.  Truthufully, I always thought that if you were a punk, that meant that you hate conformity, so I always use to make of some so called "punks" who had cell phones and where constantly on myspace or facebook, because technically, they were conforming to society if you think about it haha. 

My favorite looks from Balenciaga Spring 2011 RTW
I LOVE the fact that they kept it really authentic to the punk look by having boots with big buckles tie in to all the outfits.  There's also a lot of dark colors and leather, which I like a lot, but it's lacking studs.  Another great thing, some outfits were totally unstructured and messy. 

My favorite looks from Balmain Spring 2011 RTW
This collection I think was my favorite!  It was slightly more feminine because of the heels, which normally I would attest to, but in this case, it works so well.  The studded jacket was my favorite piece in the entire collection, and when I saw this jacket at a store called Tribecca in Singapore, I totally wanted to dish out the thousands it cost, but sadly I did not.  They did a great job on rouging up the clothes as well.

My favorite looks from Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011 RTW
This collection had so much depth and more color than what I'm used to seeing punks wear, but it totally reinvents the look of punk.  Of course, the iconic boots are a must.  How awesome is that Joan Jett hair and makeup?!  Really ties in the punk look nicely than any other show with this theme.
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  1. I love the red leather shorts and all th Balmain jackets.. are amazing!



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